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        These are the best drift boats out on the market.  We've known the Eddins family for 2 decades when they first started RO Drift Boats in St. Anthony, ID.  They have a reputation for craftmanship, ground breaking designs, and bomb proof boats.  We loved their boats so much we started a RO Boat sister company in Argentina.

Nic Fin Outfitters

El Encuentro

The Angling Report-
           This is a great resource for travelling anglers to research international fishing trips.  Trip reports are filed by travelers with no compensation (incentive) to cloud their shared views & experiences.

Stingray Outfitters

Scott Rods

Camp Time

     We have used the Roll-A-Table and Roll-A-Cots from Camptime for years now.  Their products are light and easy to carry in the truck or boat and we can't say enough about how they have held up over the years.  We have Roll-A-Tables still in service from '95- while they are a little beat up, with a table cloth the tables are still completely functional.  By far the Roll-A-Cots are their best product- absolutely stable, super light, and with the folding design they are easy to pack.  For a hunter or fisherman, the cot offers conveinant comfort (perfect for a hunting or steelheding camp) and can be a godsend in a jam.  I keep one in the tough box of my truck and have pulled it out more than once.  There may be cheaper alternatives on the market but years of outfitting abuse has proven the Camptime products or more than worth the investment.




Western Rivers Flyfishers

Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures-
          Jim Klug and Ian head the well travelled and professional staff at Yellowdog.  CLE was one of the first freshwater destinations offered by Yellowdog and the first in S. America.

Cast A Fly

Off The Beaten Path

Pat and Sue O'Reily - Natures