Press & Reviews

2013 Season

D. Horn
2nd Trip- early Jan

I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had last week.  As I mentioned, all of the members of your team were outstanding and really made the trip one to remember.  I’m already looking forward to coming back next year.

J. Hill
3rd Trip- late Jan.

thanks to everybody at team chocolate lab for another great trip .sent 2 pictures of 26" brown from
-new- spot on limay.

4th Trip - Early Feb

Ron.   We had such a great time this year that we want to reup and spend a few more days over all. Diane likes to take a day off between venues and we both love the Limay!

J. Kimbell
Early Feb

"Just getting back on the grid...chasing large trout on Limay, Collon Cura
and related rivers in Patagonia! This was the trip of a lifetime. I caught
25+, 20" trout for 2 days on the Limay River all on DRIES including a 29.5"
brownie. Totally absurd. Jessica crushed them as well. A+ trip. We're working on the dates for a Feb 2014 trip."


From Robert Boyce- Cast A Fly Travel- on the Kimbell Group

Here is Jessica's quick response to the trip - another great one so wanted
to pass it on - once they get settled we will chat on phone about getting a

"Awesome time all around. Ron is incredible both as a guide and a
host/outfitter; can't say enough good things.
Definitely worth waiting three years for this trip. Thank you and Ron for
your patience with us! We will be back…


J & K Delay-
Dear Ron and Vanessa!

Thank you for an absolutely spectacular week.  On behalf of Jason and I - thank you thank you thank you! 

I have to be honest, I didn't think I would fall absolutely in love with fly fishing.  I was simply along for the ride.  But I had so much fun and learned so much in a week (please thank Shaggy and Niko for ducking so much as I tried to learn to cast) that my casting looks nothing like the lion-tamer-at-the-gay-disco sort of move that it did a week ago :).    The guys did such a perfect job of balancing someone who could fish with - me!  It was a blast.  We will be coming back next year and we will be in touch as soon as we figure out the dates (and if you put us with Ann for more than 2 nights - I will need to check into Betty Ford after the trip).

And thank you both for taking such good care of us the last night with the lodging mix up.  Vanessa, you went above and beyond and it is so appreciated.  Thank you (and dinner was spectacular).

K. Fox
Late Feb

"I wanted to take a minute to say thank you on many fronts.  I found my first trip to Argentina to be very memorable even before the Brown attached.  Diego is a great guide and person,  I have nothing but positive things to say about your company and my experience with them-

  When discussing the trip with John at YD, I explained that I wanted to fish hard long days more like work than vacation.  Diego took care of that, by the end of day four I needed a break…If you could forward the image of Diego to him I would be most appreciated.  Please give him my best."


D. Fitzpatrick-
Early March

I am attaching some images from our trip.  Thanks again for doing a great job.  Take care

<Argentina Trip Limay River Dennis's 31in Brown.jpeg>

P March (Fitzpatrick Group)

"This was one of the finest guided fly-fishing trips I have ever experienced. The size and quality of the Limay River Rainbows and Browns is incredible. I certainly rank the Limay River as the best all-around rainbow and brown rivers I have ever fished. You and Diego were a big part of the success of that trip due to your knowledge of the river and its fish in combination with how hard you both worked every day to put us in the right spots to catch big fish. The quality of the food and the comfortable camp was just icing on the cake."

Thanks so much for the details about the trip – another rousing success! Nice work!
Many thanks.
Cory T. Lawrence
President and CEO
Off the Beaten Path LLC

G. Marzluf

"Greatly enjoyed the entire adventure with you (chocolate lab expeditions), my guide, Shaggy was outstanding, great on the water, knew which flies were ideal, superb lunches on the stream, and very helpful all the time.
I truly enjoyed the Collan Cura, a lovely river with good trout, and fishing was good, averaging 20 fish each of the three days on it.    The Limay was the best river I've ever fished for rainbows and browns, in three days I caught 19 trout (Shaggy counted 21) all 18" or larger, most 20" up to 23".
Hoping that some day I can visit again."

<Argentina fishing 052.jpeg>

5th Trip

"We just finished our second day and in short this river is everything Ron has said it is and more.  We started yesterday with loosing two fish that took me well into the backing.  They ran just like bonefish do.  Then I settled down and fishing a Chernobyl Ant got a 23 inch Brown.  Ended up the day with 11 fish and today got the number up to 22 including a 5.4 pound brown fishing with a Spey Rod.  New experience and tricky to get used to, but when those big fish come up and hit that fly skating across the water it is an amazing experience."


Western Rivers Flyfisher 4th Hosted Trip
Early April

R. Schwartz-
"Ron, Vanessa -  Last two weeks were so much fun.  Wonderful group of anglers with amazingly patient guides, good food, and great water--what more could you want??  The logistics of moving the dudes around from Limay, to Chimehuin, Collon Cura, and Malleo were pretty impressive.  Lucked out with good weather.  Can't believe how much I learned with eleven straighten days on the water with Shaggy, Diegos x2, Nicko, and of course the boss, Ron.

J. Pyle & S. Rose-

Thanks for a great time in Argentina!  I will be back

"Ron- thanks for a great trip and forever fond memories in Patagonia this past fall season.  Argentina next year sounds good and I will try to put a group together and get back to you."