Rivers & Ranches

The Northern Zone
possesses the best hatches and dry fly opportunities in the whole of South America.  CLE offers a range of fishing options by utilizing a mix of public and over 275 miles of private access waters on over 12 local rivers, 7 estancias (fishing ranches), private leases, and various overnight float trips.  This area of Patagonia possesses very diverse types of fishing- from sight casting to rising trout on spring creeks, to stalking big browns on crystal clear mountain streams, throwing large dries on faster freestones, and fishing productive tailwaters.  From the often prolific mayfly and caddis hatches of the early summer (Dec-early Feb) and fall (late March-April), to the inch worm and minnow runs during mid-summer, this rich area always has something to offer the visiting angler.   

The Estancias
The close proximity of the estancias and the unique experience of staying at two or more of these first class properties over the course of your trip is another aspect that sets apart the area around San Martin.  Many of the ranches we utilize are still owned by the families that homesteaded them, others offer generations of history.  The properties range from 14,000 acres to over 160,000 acres and offer anywhere from 10 to 40 miles of private access.  Drive time to and from the water is limited- only 5 to 30 min to the water.  As a result the daily schedule is relaxed and flexible, but still allows for long fishing days.  In most cases staying on the estancia is the only way to access the water running through the property.

Your Trip
  Many clients choose to mix a stay at one of the estancias with some days fishing public access waters and an overnight float trip.  Constructing your trip in this way allows you to match your budget with your fishing preferences- but knowing the expert CLE guide team will be with you throughout.

The fishing season opens in mid November and runs through mid April, with a special late season keeping some rivers open through late May.  

Incredible cuisine and vistas, good hatches and red wines, hard fighting pure strain wild trout, and fishing in complete solitude highlight the experience of fishing in Patagonia.