collon cura

One of the most prolific fisheries in all of Patagonia, the Collon Cura river provides action packed angling while day floating by sandstone cliffs in a high desert valley.

The Collon Cura river stands in a class with the Big Horn and the Missouri as one of the most prolific fisheries in the world, except without all the people. Running through a expansive high desert valley, the river resembles the Snake River near Jackson Hole, but willow lined and interspersed with high sandstone cliffs. The Collon Cura's mild gradient and broad gravel riffles makes for comfortable floating and wading. For those clients with physical restrictions the guides walk the boats to work the more productive runs.

All forms of fly fishing can be effective on the Collon Cura. Large dry flies such as chernobyl ants, madam x's, and rubberlegged hoppers can be extreamly effective fished off the banks and twitched through the riffles and runs. On the calmer mornings rising trout can be found in the tailouts, eddies, and soft water feeding on mayfly spinners and we often carry an extra rod set up to target these fish. Usually there is a good evening caddis hatch and an elk hair or goddard caddis skittered across the surface produces explosive strikes. The most productive form of fishing the Collon Cura is with streamers which are effective throughout the season. 

This is a must see river for any southbound client of beginning to intermediate
skill level.

We recommend four fishing days on the Collon Cura for these anglers looking for lots of trout to bend the rod. We offer a private lease on the Collon Cura for floats out of San Martin, overnight camps on the upper reaches of the river, and utilize a 65,000 acre ranch with 40 miles of private access to guarantee the Collon Cura will fit into any Patagonia itinerary. Estancia Collon Cura offers 4 complete days floats on the river, with accommodations for up to 8 anglers.