lower limay

A crystal clear tailwater offering some incredible fishing and huge browns.  Since 2004, most of our returning clients fish the Limay.

The lower Limay River is a tailwater, flowing out from the Pichi Picun Leufu dam and running approximately 60 miles before emptying into the enormous Chocon Reservoir.  This is a very large river, with typical flows anywhere from 7,000 cfs to 16,000 cfs depending on electrical demand.  The lower Limay is arguably the most dynamic river in the province, offering anglers a rich and varied river system supported by the crystaline, cool waters emmited by the dam.       

The river boasts one of the best and hardest fighting rainbow trout populations of any in Patagonia, with incredible concentrations of fish averaging between 17-21 inches.  These fish grow very fast, feeding throughout the year on aquatic insects and minnows.

In addition to the impressive rainbows, the lower Limay offers huge resident and migratory brown trout running between 20" to well over 30".  Over the years we've had various clients land 30"+ fish with Mrs Wallace holding the CLE record at 32.5".  The fish can be found in the river throughout the season with the 2nd half of the season being the most productive.

We have been fishing the lower Limay for the last 2 decades and running trips on the river since 2004.  This wealth of experience is critical to insuring success on river with such dynamic variables.  

Anglers should be prepared to work hard and fish a variety of techniques dictated by river flows and weather- but the rewards are well worth it.  CLE offers exclusive access to a 10 mile stretch via a 50,000 acre property plus 40 river miles accessed through various smaller properties.  We operate on the paved side of the river (making for the fastest & smoothest trips to the river)  and put up our clients at a brand new hotel in the nearby town.  Overnight camps are also a possibility on the lower half of the river.  The lower Limay has been a focus of our operation for a long time and we look forward to sharing this incredible river with you.