overnight camp trips

Wilderness Adventures Overnighting In Style Under the Patagonian Stars

Full service, first class camps await you at the end of the day after floating some of the areas’s best waters.

Camp staff with the gear boats travel down ahead of you to assemble camp and prepare gourmet dinners.  For anglers looking to maximize their time on the water, access waters off the beaten path, and experience a unique fishing opportunity, these overnight camp trips are just the answer.

Caluefu - Starting from a series of mountain glacier lakes and running through an incredible canyon, this breathtaking river provides an unforgettable 3 day/ 2 night float.  Dec through mid-January

Allumine - A 3 day/2 night float down a canyon with columner basalt cliffs, eddies and rocky runs.  Best fished from Dec through early Feb and again from late March through April.  We also offer a 2 day/ 1 night float.

Chimehuin - The lower Chimehuin can be floated for 2 days with 1 night camping.  One of our most popular overnights and good throughout the season.

Lower Limay - Overnight camps are a good option for floating the lowest sections of the river to save on the transfer time back to town for those anglers that like to stay out on the water.