filo hua hum

A beautiful high mountain river offering seclusion and big browns on a wonderful family ranch.

High up in the wooded Andes mountains and nearly surrounded by Lanin National Park is estancia Tres Lagos (Three Lakes Ranch). As the name implies, the ranch offers visiting anglers Lagos Faulkner, Nuevo, and Filo Hua Hum, plus the small freestone river running between the lakes- the Filo Hua Hum river. The well appointed lodge and cabins accommodate a maximum of 6 anglers and overlook the Filo Hua Hum lake. The Fernandez-Besteched family are extremely hospitable and the comfortable atmosphere makes everyone feel right at home.  The family has owned & operated a couple of restaurants in San Martin over the generations.  Needless to say the dining at estancias Tres Lagos is excellent and the asados set the standards for all of Patagonia.  

The ranch offers over 8 miles of private access to the Filo Hua Hum river, which is the primary focus of anglers staying at Tres Lagos. The river offers beginning anglers excellent action for rainbows and browns in the 10-14 inch class range with the ever-present chance of hooking a real monster. Experienced anglers can enjoy spot fishing and throwing mice patterns to trout in between 20-27 inches.

A short river between two lakes, the Filo fishes well seasonally as migrant fish augment the resident population, but Dec/early Feb and late March/April are the prime times. The river does not produce a lot of fish but offers the opportunity to chase big fish in small water and in an incredible setting. The various springs that feed the upper end of the Filo Hau Hum lake attract good concentrations of trout in the 16-21 inch class and calm mornings will find these fish cruising and rising along the reeds. Casting adult damsels, dragonflies, and parachute Adams with nymph droppers is very productive from one of Chocolate Lab Expedition's RO Drift boats.

With quality fishing for some truly big browns, excellent food and lodging, this ranch and river offer a special experience for many of our clients