From our Patrons

Ron and his guides are the finest in the entire region. These guys are hands-down the best, most knowledgeable, experienced guides in the region. I can tell you that EVERYONE that we send down to fish with CLE comes home blown away by their professionalism, their experience, their work ethic, and their ability to put their customers on fish.

- Jim Klug

Owner - Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures

For Western Rivers Flyfisher our relationship with Ron, Vanessa. and CLE's staff of guides has made a trip to Argentina now an annual adventure. Besides having a great time, we've been impressed with the CLE guides' hard work, fly-fishing knowledge and commitment to a flexible fly-fishing experience. The dynamic nature of these rich fisheries allows the guides to approach the rivers with a variety of techniques- we often have multiple rods set up in the boat while floating to make the most of rising targets and productive runs and riffles. Altough CLE uses a variety of fly-fishing techniques to make your trip a success they have a definite focus on dry fly fishing. This is a departure from most outfitters in Argentina and one of the many reasons we will continue to return to this region and to fish with Ron, Diego, Shaggy, Nico, and their other professional guides. Ron & Vanessa truly offer a very unique Argentine experience in the shadow of the Andes among some of the worlds most incredible trout streams and lakes.

- Steve Schmidt & Bryce Nichols

Western Rivers Flyfisher (owner & shop manager)

You have the best track record for "return" clients out of the 180 destination line up by far. We really appreciate what you guys are doing and delivering.

- John Hudgens S. America head

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures

Ron Sorensen with Chocolate Lab Expeditions is the outfitter in Argentina and I have known Ron for many years. Ron is the consummate professional and someone I look up to and aspire to emulate. I have worked for him and had him work for me and he is a great guy and guide. He has been guiding for almost 30 years and has never lost his passion for guiding clients from all walks of life and I believe is one of the finest individuals I know. He builds custom trips for his clients based on their wants, needs and budget. The thing that impressed me the most about Ron’s operation is the network he has developed over twenty years of guiding Patagonia and the private access he has. Logistics are one of the toughest things to negotiate down there with limited public access and Ron has it all dialed. His guide staff is excellent as well. They are all well versed in English and there are not any communication problems.

- Dane Huzarski (outfitter)

Montana Troutwranglers

Thank you both for putting together a great trip for my group. Everyone had a great time and mentioned numerous times that they would love a return trip. Your team of guides, transfer drivers and chefs was fantastic. The logistical planning that goes into making a great trip in Argentina looks near impossible and you show that it not only can be done, but done exceptionally well! The down side to that is that it makes me realize how pathetically easy we have it here in Montana!

- Jason Fluery (lodge and outfitter owner)


One of the most fabulous trips ever! Niko: Very animated and fun. Certainly knew his waters and fish. Was very accomodating. Diego: An excellent instructor. I felt I learned alot on the stream and improved my casting. Also knew his waters. As a single, small size woman fishing I appreciated both guides attentiveness, yet also their ability to let me "do it on my own"

- D. Koch

Dec 2017

The trip met my expectations, which is not something that happens much. The tour group and fishing guide service, as well as accomodations and food/drink were all outstanding. Argentina river fishing is different and on our trip we were predominantly on very big rivers, which has a number of unique challenges. While I would have preferred more opportunities for dry fly fishing, conditions were not always favorable for that. Nevertheless, the rivers were amazing and provided a number of large trout. What stands out is the shear isolation of the experience, as we often did not see another fisherman on the water, despite the enormity of the rivers. It was like fishing miles of private water every day. I will return to Argentina and Patagonia with Yellow Dog. There are so many reasons for that, including the abundance of good trout water and the incredible personalized treatment I received throughout the trip. Long days of quality fishing coupled with great food, awesome service, and comfortable quarters made this a bucket list trip that must be repeated. Often.

- J. Britton

Jan 2018

Yes, what a great time! Thank you Ron and Vanessa, for hosting such a great trip. You live in such a beautiful part of the world and surround yourselves with tender, patient, and very capable people. I would lOOOOOve to come back and fish your waters again.

- D. Doherty

Jan 2018

Ron and Vanessa Thanks very much for everything! The trip was spectacular. Your group did a great job of keeping us comfortable during our journey. Can’t wait to come back! Let us know if you come to the states so that we can show you the same hospitality.

- M. & D. Moseley

Feb 2018

Dear Ron and Vanessa!

Thank you for an absolutely spectacular week. On behalf of Jason and I - thank you thank you thank you!

I have to be honest, I didn't think I would fall absolutely in love with fly fishing. I was simply along for the ride. But I had so much fun and learned so much in a week (please thank Shaggy and Niko for ducking so much as I tried to learn to cast) that my casting looks nothing like the lion-tamer-at-the-gay-disco sort of move that it did a week ago :). The guys did such a perfect job of balancing someone who could fish with - me! It was a blast. We will be coming back next year and we will be in touch as soon as we figure out the dates (and if you put us with Ann for more than 2 nights - I will need to check into Betty Ford after the trip).

And thank you both for taking such good care of us the last night with the lodging mix up. Vanessa, you went above and beyond and it is so appreciated. Thank you (and dinner was spectacular).

- J & K Delay

I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had last week. As I mentioned, all of the members of your team were outstanding and really made the trip one to remember. I’m already looking forward to coming back next year.

- D. Horn

2nd Trip- early Jan

thanks to everybody at team chocolate lab for another great trip .sent 2 pictures of 26" brown from -new- spot on limay.

- J. Hill

3rd Trip- late Jan.

Just getting back on the grid...chasing large trout on Limay, Collon Cura and related rivers in Patagonia! This was the trip of a lifetime. I caught 25+, 20" trout for 2 days on the Limay River all on DRIES including a 29.5" brownie. Totally absurd. Jessica crushed them as well. A+ trip. We're working on the dates for a Feb 2014 trip.

- J. Kimbell

Early Feb

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you on many fronts. I found my first trip to Argentina to be very memorable even before the Brown attached. Diego is a great guide and person, I have nothing but positive things to say about your company and my experience with them-

When discussing the trip with John at YD, I explained that I wanted to fish hard long days more like work than vacation. Diego took care of that, by the end of day four I needed a break…If you could forward the image of Diego to him I would be most appreciated. Please give him my best.

- K. Fox

Late Feb